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Statute of CAA "Goce Delcev" Delcevo: General provisions

Article 1

Cultural Artistic Association “Goce Delcev” Delcevo is formed by free association of citizens, and ensuring the public and cultural interests and alignment of their interests in the field of learning, fostering, developing, promoting, preserving and presenting the Macedonian folklore and traditions expressed through folk dances, songs, instruments and costumes, which express the history and treasure of cultural heritage and traditions of the Macedonian people and ethnic communities living inthe territory of the Republic of Macedonia.


Citizens join the Cultural Artistic Association “Goce Delcev” in the Municipality of Delcevo, in order to broaden public interest through education, foster and develop the skills, experience, and presentation of culture (Macedonian folklore and folklore of ethnic communities living in the Republic of Macedonia ).


Cultural Artistic AssociationGoce Delcev” in the Municipality Delcevo states their association goals, objectives and activities are performed in accordance with the relations established by the Constitution, this Statute and other legal norms that regulate this type of material.


The name of the association is Cultural Artistic AssociationGoce Delcev” in the Municipality Delcevo (hereafter KUDGoce Delcev” Delcevo).


The headquarters of the Association KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo are in the Municipality of Delcevo.
KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo organizes and acts on the territory of the Municipality Delcevo and other municipalities in the country with special emphasis on municipalities in Eastern planning region of Macedonia.


KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo is its own entity.
KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo has its own seal and stamp.
The seal has a round shape with written text: KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo. In the middle is written "Goce Delcev" Delcevo.
The seal of the Association has a rectangular shape with the same text that has a place for writing the number and date. The text is written with the Cyrillic alphabet in Macedonian.