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Anyone may join KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo - Macedonian citizens may voluntarily join the association by giving a written statement.

Membership in the association shall be made by an application, or by issuing a membership card, which upon exclusion or termination of membership in the association, shall be returned.

KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo keeps a register of members, which is updated annually.


Members have the right to be elected in the Association, to participate in the work of the Association and to contribute to the development and popularity of the Association.
Each member may voluntarily withdraw from the association.


Exclusion from membership in the association is made in the following cases:
-The cutoff for not joining is in the provisions of the Articles of Association;
The decision to exclude, adopted by the Assembly of the Association on the proposal of the Executive Board.
Termination of membership in the association occurs in the following cases:
- At the will of the member
-In case of death of the member.


The members of the Association are to:
- Regularly pay the membership;
- To attend meetings:
- To actively participate in the implementation of the program of activities of the Association.