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Bodies of KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo:
1. Assembly
2. The Executive Board
3. Supervisory Board
4. Advisory Board
5. Executive Office
6. Executive Director


Assembly of KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo has 15 representatives who are elected and composed of all citizens-members of the Association.
The mandate of Representatives last 4 years.
Parliament meets as necessary, at least once a year.


Sessions of the Assembly shall be convened by the President of the Assembly.
Sessions of the Assembly shall be convened upon proposal of the Executive Board of the Association or of 1/5 of the members of the Assembly.
If the President of the Assembly within 14 days of a given proposal does not call, the session is convened by the Executive Board.
Session of the Assembly of the Executive Board may be convened at the proposal of the Supervisory Committee.
The manner of convening the meetings of the Assembly of the Association shall be determined by the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.


Assembly of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo from among its representatives elected Executive Board as the executive body of the Assembly, the regular and contingency meetings.


Parliament decisions are valid if more than half of the total number of representatives.
The Assembly makes decisions by majority vote of the representatives.
The Assembly is as follows:

- Adopted the Statute of  KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo and amend it:
- Appoint and dismiss members of the Executive Board and other bodies that the association has formed;
- Adopts program orientation for operation of the Association for a period of 4 years, operationalized in annual programs;
- Review and adopt the report of the Executive Board between two assemblies;
- Monitor the financial condition of the association between two assemblies;
- Adopt the financial plan and adopt the annual financial statement of the Association;
- Discussion of the results of the development of the Association and provides guidelines for further development of the Association;
- Decisions, conclusions, recommendations to address issues of interest to the Association;
- Decided to form a branch of the Association;
- Performs other duties arising from the Statute and the laws.


The Executive Board of KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo executive authority of Parliament in which every member has the same rights, duties and responsibilities for the operation and development of the Association in accordance with the Statute.


The Executive Board of KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo has 5 members.
The mandate of the Executive Board for 4 years.
Executive Board elected from its president for four years.


The responsibility of the Executive Board is as follows:
- Implementing statutory and program objectives of the KUD “Goce Delcev”, and the decisions and conclusions of the Assembly:
- Adopting and implementing an annual work program;
- Proposing amendments to the Statute;
- Adopting appropriate regulations, to accept agreements and contracts;
- Convening meetings of the Assembly and preparation materials;
- Deciding on the establishment of permanent and temporary committees, and to direct their work;
- Organizing and actively participate in the organization of various actions and events;
- Deciding on awards, certificates and awards;
- Deciding on the purchase and sale of fixed assets;
- Approving the Regulation on the organization of work and tasks of the Executive Office of KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo
- Making decisions on complaints and appeals;
- Performing other duties arising from the needs of the Association and the Law.


Executive Board for its work to the Assembly of the Association.
Executive Board meets and meetings if necessary.
President of the Executive Board shall be convened by the President.
A proposal for the convening of the Executive Board may submit one half of the Executive Board, one third of the representatives of the Parliament by the Supervisory Board.
The session is run and chaired by the President, and in his absence a member who will choose the Executive Board.
The manner of convening the meeting and the work of the Executive Board shall be governed by the Rules of Procedure


In order to perform the statutory and program tasks and decisions of the Assembly and the Executive Board, the Executive Board as a Steering Committee and other working bodies.
Supervisory Board controls the implementation of the provisions of this Statute and control of earmarked funds and the income of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo.
Its findings and decisions Supervisory Board shall submit to the Assembly and the Executive Board of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo.