To perform administrative professional, auxiliary and related matters of common interest in achieving the goals and objectives of KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo formed Executive Office.


The rights and obligations and responsibilities of the employees in the Executive Office determines Executive Director of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo in accordance with legal regulations or statutes.


The funds for the work of the Executive Office determines the financial plan each year as follows: funds for salaries, funds for common expenses, funds for material expenses, funds for a specific purpose for the normal execution of the function.


The Executive Office of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo manages Executive Director.
Executive Director is appointed and dismissed by the Executive Board in accordance with conditions determined by a separate decision.
Executive Director of the right employment exercised in the Association after the appointment, and the execution of its work is responsible before the Executive Board.


Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Executive Director:
- Executive Director of the Executive Office manages the work of the professional service;
- The Executive Director is the executive authority to perform all rights and obligations arising under the Labor Law;
- Executive Director is signatory to the account of the Association;
- The Executive Director is responsible for the execution of the financial plan and program of work;
- Ensure the timely implementation of the decisions and conclusions adopted by the Assembly and the Executive Board;

in the legal measures and actions taken in there and on behalf of the Association
- Ensures the proper application of the legal regulations concerning the activities performed by the Association;