Statute of CAA "Goce Delcev" Delcevo: General provisions

Article 1

Cultural Artistic Association “Goce Delcev” Delcevo is formed by free association of citizens, and ensuring the public and cultural interests and alignment of their interests in the field of learning, fostering, developing, promoting, preserving and presenting the Macedonian folklore and traditions expressed through folk dances, songs, instruments and costumes, which express the history and treasure of cultural heritage and traditions of the Macedonian people and ethnic communities living inthe territory of the Republic of Macedonia.


Citizens join the Cultural Artistic Association “Goce Delcev” in the Municipality of Delcevo, in order to broaden public interest through education, foster and develop the skills, experience, and presentation of culture (Macedonian folklore and folklore of ethnic communities living in the Republic of Macedonia ).


Cultural Artistic AssociationGoce Delcev” in the Municipality Delcevo states their association goals, objectives and activities are performed in accordance with the relations established by the Constitution, this Statute and other legal norms that regulate this type of material.


The name of the association is Cultural Artistic AssociationGoce Delcev” in the Municipality Delcevo (hereafter KUDGoce Delcev” Delcevo).


The headquarters of the Association KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo are in the Municipality of Delcevo.
KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo organizes and acts on the territory of the Municipality Delcevo and other municipalities in the country with special emphasis on municipalities in Eastern planning region of Macedonia.


KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo is its own entity.
KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo has its own seal and stamp.
The seal has a round shape with written text: KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo. In the middle is written "Goce Delcev" Delcevo.
The seal of the Association has a rectangular shape with the same text that has a place for writing the number and date. The text is written with the Cyrillic alphabet in Macedonian.



Citizens are united in the association KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo in order to broaden their common interest. The specific goals and objectives are:
-Creation of spatial, material, personnel, financial and other conditions for mass acceptance of members and lovers of folk traditions;
-Formation of groups for the study of folklore, dance, song, instrumental music, performing arts and other artistic interests of members
-Formation of groups for ballet, modern dance, modeling, folklore, and traditional food
-Public practicing of folk traditions - folk dances, songs, instruments, costumes, traditional food and other artistic events;
-Production, supply and maintenance of traditional instruments, costumes, music recordings, choreographies, photo-audio-video materials, etc;
-Organizing and participating in seminars, lectures, festivals, public events, and other cultural events;
-Issue informational and propaganda materials, books, brochures, CDs, films and other materials for cultural traditions, customs, folk dances, songs, instruments, costumes and other artistic events; ;
-Organization and implementation of tourist propaganda trips and tours;
-Representation of the members;
-Perform activity mediation in culture;
-Perform music and performing arts activities;


In achieving its goals and objectives the organization will work with:
-Organizations and associations for regional development;
-Other nonparliamentary, parliamentary, nongovernmental, non-partisan organizations, associations and unions in the country and the world;
-Expert scientific organizations, unions, associations and institutions;
-Municipalities and regions beyond.


Association goals, interests, activities, rights, duties and responsibilities occur by:
-Implementation of joint projects for members;
-Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings, workshops, exhibitions and video presentations;
-Raising initiatives with the competent authorities in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the Association;
-Registration of new members;
- Formation of teams on areas for implementation of strategic documents of the Association;
-Performing other duties under this Constitution, the Laws and Constitution


The program, goals and objectives of the Association may not be directed to:
-violent overthrow of the constitutional order;
-encouragement or incitement to military aggression;
-ethnic, religious or racial intolerance.



Anyone may join KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo - Macedonian citizens may voluntarily join the association by giving a written statement.

Membership in the association shall be made by an application, or by issuing a membership card, which upon exclusion or termination of membership in the association, shall be returned.

KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo keeps a register of members, which is updated annually.


Members have the right to be elected in the Association, to participate in the work of the Association and to contribute to the development and popularity of the Association.
Each member may voluntarily withdraw from the association.


Exclusion from membership in the association is made in the following cases:
-The cutoff for not joining is in the provisions of the Articles of Association;
The decision to exclude, adopted by the Assembly of the Association on the proposal of the Executive Board.
Termination of membership in the association occurs in the following cases:
- At the will of the member
-In case of death of the member.


The members of the Association are to:
- Regularly pay the membership;
- To attend meetings:
- To actively participate in the implementation of the program of activities of the Association.



KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo is represented by the President and Executive Director.



The work of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo in the public.
Public work is provided with regular reporting (members, other associations / NGOs, or the general public) for the operation and activities of the association, with an insight into the implementation of the program tasks, reporting for work on the bodies of the Association, on the financial operations and more.
For information on the members and the general public use the press, radio, television, and internet media.



The Association obtains funds from:
- Membership fees;
- Donations;
- Budget;
- Commissions from institutions, organizations, communities and other services;
- Supporting companies;
- Other services (property rights, etc.).


Use and disposal of assets of the Association obtained on the basis of the previous article is done in a manner determined by this Statute and other legal norms.


The use and disposal of assets made by the bodies of the Association, according to the powers set out in this Statute, which undertake measures for economic responsibility, use of funds for prevention and removal of irregularities.


KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo brings annual financial plan for revenues and expenditures of the Association.
Financial plan consists of income as per Article 16 of the Statute, as well as expenditures for social activities, salaries, common expenses of employees, material costs for the operation of the Association and other expenses connected with the work.

MANAGEMENT of KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo


KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo manages organized members directly or through their representatives in the bodies.
Rights and duties of the representative are:
- to vote and to be elected in the associations:
- proposes to address issues of common interest:

-to work on development and promotion of social and other activities arising from the Statute, program goals and objectives of the adopted decisions and conclusions;
-to implement fully the provisions of the Statute and program activities;
-to represent the interests and views of the Association;



Bodies of KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo:
1. Assembly
2. The Executive Board
3. Supervisory Board
4. Advisory Board
5. Executive Office
6. Executive Director


Assembly of KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo has 15 representatives who are elected and composed of all citizens-members of the Association.
The mandate of Representatives last 4 years.
Parliament meets as necessary, at least once a year.


Sessions of the Assembly shall be convened by the President of the Assembly.
Sessions of the Assembly shall be convened upon proposal of the Executive Board of the Association or of 1/5 of the members of the Assembly.
If the President of the Assembly within 14 days of a given proposal does not call, the session is convened by the Executive Board.
Session of the Assembly of the Executive Board may be convened at the proposal of the Supervisory Committee.
The manner of convening the meetings of the Assembly of the Association shall be determined by the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.


Assembly of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo from among its representatives elected Executive Board as the executive body of the Assembly, the regular and contingency meetings.


Parliament decisions are valid if more than half of the total number of representatives.
The Assembly makes decisions by majority vote of the representatives.
The Assembly is as follows:

- Adopted the Statute of  KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo and amend it:
- Appoint and dismiss members of the Executive Board and other bodies that the association has formed;
- Adopts program orientation for operation of the Association for a period of 4 years, operationalized in annual programs;
- Review and adopt the report of the Executive Board between two assemblies;
- Monitor the financial condition of the association between two assemblies;
- Adopt the financial plan and adopt the annual financial statement of the Association;
- Discussion of the results of the development of the Association and provides guidelines for further development of the Association;
- Decisions, conclusions, recommendations to address issues of interest to the Association;
- Decided to form a branch of the Association;
- Performs other duties arising from the Statute and the laws.


The Executive Board of KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo executive authority of Parliament in which every member has the same rights, duties and responsibilities for the operation and development of the Association in accordance with the Statute.


The Executive Board of KUD Goce DelcevDelcevo has 5 members.
The mandate of the Executive Board for 4 years.
Executive Board elected from its president for four years.


The responsibility of the Executive Board is as follows:
- Implementing statutory and program objectives of the KUD “Goce Delcev”, and the decisions and conclusions of the Assembly:
- Adopting and implementing an annual work program;
- Proposing amendments to the Statute;
- Adopting appropriate regulations, to accept agreements and contracts;
- Convening meetings of the Assembly and preparation materials;
- Deciding on the establishment of permanent and temporary committees, and to direct their work;
- Organizing and actively participate in the organization of various actions and events;
- Deciding on awards, certificates and awards;
- Deciding on the purchase and sale of fixed assets;
- Approving the Regulation on the organization of work and tasks of the Executive Office of KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo
- Making decisions on complaints and appeals;
- Performing other duties arising from the needs of the Association and the Law.


Executive Board for its work to the Assembly of the Association.
Executive Board meets and meetings if necessary.
President of the Executive Board shall be convened by the President.
A proposal for the convening of the Executive Board may submit one half of the Executive Board, one third of the representatives of the Parliament by the Supervisory Board.
The session is run and chaired by the President, and in his absence a member who will choose the Executive Board.
The manner of convening the meeting and the work of the Executive Board shall be governed by the Rules of Procedure


In order to perform the statutory and program tasks and decisions of the Assembly and the Executive Board, the Executive Board as a Steering Committee and other working bodies.
Supervisory Board controls the implementation of the provisions of this Statute and control of earmarked funds and the income of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo.
Its findings and decisions Supervisory Board shall submit to the Assembly and the Executive Board of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo.



To perform administrative professional, auxiliary and related matters of common interest in achieving the goals and objectives of KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo formed Executive Office.


The rights and obligations and responsibilities of the employees in the Executive Office determines Executive Director of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo in accordance with legal regulations or statutes.


The funds for the work of the Executive Office determines the financial plan each year as follows: funds for salaries, funds for common expenses, funds for material expenses, funds for a specific purpose for the normal execution of the function.


The Executive Office of KUD “Goce DelcevDelcevo manages Executive Director.
Executive Director is appointed and dismissed by the Executive Board in accordance with conditions determined by a separate decision.
Executive Director of the right employment exercised in the Association after the appointment, and the execution of its work is responsible before the Executive Board.


Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Executive Director:
- Executive Director of the Executive Office manages the work of the professional service;
- The Executive Director is the executive authority to perform all rights and obligations arising under the Labor Law;
- Executive Director is signatory to the account of the Association;
- The Executive Director is responsible for the execution of the financial plan and program of work;
- Ensure the timely implementation of the decisions and conclusions adopted by the Assembly and the Executive Board;

in the legal measures and actions taken in there and on behalf of the Association
- Ensures the proper application of the legal regulations concerning the activities performed by the Association;

TERMINATION OF KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo


KUD “Goce Delcev” Delcevo stops working if:
- Members opt out of the Association,
- If the number of members is reduced below the number necessary for the establishment,
- If feature constituting reasons under Article 63 of the Law.
Decision on termination of the Association by the Assembly by a two-thirds majority.


After termination of the work of the Association, property and other rights and revenues that remain after paying the obligations are transferred to the ownership of the founders of the Association.



KUD “Goce Delcev” has the right to interpret the provisions of this Statute between two meetings, the Executive Board of the Association.


Amendments to this Statute shall be made by the same procedure as for its adoption.